EANS-News: PNE WIND AG: Shareholders meeting again resolves to pay a dividend

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Subtitle: • Dividend amounts to 0.04 Euro per share
• Supervisory Board mandates prolonged early

Cuxhaven (euro adhoc) – 15th May 2012 – In today’s annual general
meeting, a large majority of the shareholders in PNE WIND AG (ISIN
DE000A0JBPG2) again approved the distribution of a dividend amounting
to EUR 0.04 for each eligible par value share. The shareholders thus
approved the proposal made by the Board of Directors and the
Supervisory Board.

PNE WIND AGs balance sheet profit (HGB accounting) (German Commercial
Code accounting) which was decisive for the payment of the dividend
amounted to about EUR 2.5 million in the last financial year, i.e.
2011. At the current level of 45,777,960 eligible par value shares, a
dividend of about EUR 1.8 million is being distributed while the
remaining profit of about EUR 0.7 will be carried forward as proposed
by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

“Our shareholders form the basis of our company’s success. We are
therefore delighted to be able share this positive business
development with our shareholders again this year” said Martin
Billhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PNE WIND AG. “In the
past financial year we have taken important steps – especially in the
offshore sector – which will provide us with additional growth
potential for the future”, continued Billhardt.

Supervisory Board members were also re-elected with a considerable
majority. The Chairman, Dieter K. Kuprian, Dr. Peter Fischer and
Professor Dr. Reza Abhari have now been re-elected to office for a
further five years. Their mandates would only have expired in the
coming year. These re-elections were held early in order to support
the company’s development by assuring the continuity of its

In addition, the shareholders meeting also passed resolutions
discharging the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board by
majorities of over 96% each.

Company profile

With its headquarters in Cuxhaven, PNE WIND AG plans and realises
wind farm projects on land (onshore) and on the high seas (offshore).
In doing so, its core competence lies in the development, project
planning, and financing of wind farms and in their operation and
sales respectively with the provision of subsequent service. To date,
the company has constructed 98 wind farms with 568 wind energy plants
and a total nominal output of 814 MW.

In addition to its business activities in the established German home
market, PNE WIND AG is increasingly expanding into dynamic growth
markets and is already represented in joint ventures and by
subsidiary companies in Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Great Britain,
Rumania, USA and Canada. In these countries wind farm projects with a
nominal output of up to 2,100 MW are being developed and are to be
completed in the medium term. In Germany (onshore), wind farm
projects with over 1,100 MW of nominal output are currently being

In addition, PNE WIND AG is developing offshore wind farm projects,
of which four major projects in German waters have already been
approved. An entry into promising foreign markets is also being
examined with regard to the offshore sector.

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