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St. Marien / April 30, 2012 – HTI High Tech Industries AG (‚HTI‘),
listed at the prime market at the Vienna Stock Exchange, looks back
on further upwards development in the business year 2011. All
relevant key figures were once again improved, even though the
economy was shattered by a decline in the second half- year 2011
after a strong first half-year 2011. This decline has been continuing
even through the first quarter 2012.

Consolidated revenues in the year 2011 increased by 7.2% from EUR 193
million to EUR 207 million. The compared to last year further
improved cost structure of HTI beyond that led to an improvement of
profitability. The operative earnings before interest, tax,
depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased by 9% from EUR 13.5
million to EUR 14.7 million in the year under review. The operative
earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) improved by 40% from EUR 2.9
million to EUR 4.1 million, portraying an EBIT-margin of 1.9% (after
1.4% last year). The earnings before tax (EBT) amounted to EUR -2.3
million (after EUR -4.0 million last year), resulting in an
EBT-margin of -1.1% (2010: -2.0%). The net result after tax improved
from EUR -3.9 million in 2010 to EUR -2.2 million in the year under

HTI-CEO Peter Glatzmeier commented on the annual result 2011: ‚The
structure- and cost improvement actions have already proved to be
effective. Our products are highly appreciated by our customers. Even
though we have felt the strain of the high uncertainty caused by the
sovereign debt crisis, we have managed once again to increase our
revenue- and earnings‘ figures in the year under review. For the
business year 2012 I also see a high responsibility towards our
financing partners to reduce the indebtedness of the Group.‘

The Group’s equity increased from EUR 38.3 million as of December 31,
2010 to EUR 40.8 million as of December 31, 2011. Amongst others this
improvement was the result of some equity measures, carried out by
HTI in the year under review.

Investments increased as a result of an extension in machinery and
equipment, the development costs as well as the takeover of the
Hitzinger employee investment, from EUR 14.4 million to EUR 21.2

Pleasant business development for the segments Lightweight
Construction and Energy Technology The segments Lightweight
Construction and Energy Technology in the year under review once
again generated an improvement of the revenue- and earnings‘ figures.
In the year 2010 the segment Engineering, strongly depending on
project business, benefited from a large order for extrusion
equipment as well as from a non-recurring earnings‘ effect in the
field of special machines for the pig iron- and steel industry.
Consequently, for this segment in the year under review comparability
is only possible on a limited basis. As for the segment Lightweight
Construction, HTI used the economic recovery of the year 2011 to its
advantage, especially the increased order quantities of premium class
vehicles during the first half of the year. The segment Engineering
looks back on extremely positive developments in the fields of
pneumatic hammers and special machines for the pig iron- and steel
industry. In the extrusion business, despite the high number of
existing orders, we were subjected to project postponements and
decreasing order quantities, caused by the general uncertainties,
being the result of the sovereign debt crisis. The segment Energy
Technology had a very good business year 2011. Here, especially the
fields of UPS- and airport equipment have to be highlighted, which
generated the highest percentage increases in revenues.

Outlook The economic frame conditions in the core markets of the HTI
Group remained to be challenging during the first few months 2012.
Despite these uncertainties, due to the currently pleasant order
situation, the HTI management feels cautiously positive about the
year 2012. Generally, HTI is now in a much better position to deal
with economic declines, due to the optimized cost structure, the
higher operational flexibility and the improved equity situation,
than during the crisis years 2008 and 2009. The mid-term targets to
reach an EBIT-margin of around 4% with revenues being substantially
above EUR 200 million and to reduce the Group’s indebtedness, remain
unchanged. HTI keeps working on the internal financing power in order
to be able to cover the growth financing primarily on its own.
Consequently, HTI permanently evaluates the Group’s structure and the
strategic positioning in order to be able to generate positive
effects for the Group, if necessary.

|  | |2011 |2010 |Change |
|Revenues |MEUR |207.0 |193.0 |+7.2% |
|Operative earnings before interest, |MEUR |14.7 |13.5 |+9.0% |
|tax, depreciation and amortization | | | | |
|(EBITDA) | | | | |
|Operative earnings before interest |MEUR |4.1 |2.9 |+40.0% |
|and tax (EBIT) | | | | |
|Earnings before tax (EBT) |MEUR |-2.3 |-4.0 |+1.7 MEUR |
|Net result after tax |MEUR |-2.2 |-3.9 |+1.7 MEUR |
|Earnings per share (undiluted) |EUR |-0.07 |-0.15 |+8 Eurocent|

Indicative announcement for financial reports: HTI High Tech
Industries AG announces that the Annual Financial Report 2011 was
published and is available for download on the HTI website under

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